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Barcelona conference proceedings and materials


Experiences were shared and the conference participants learned from each other in Barcelona in May 2004.

The Comp@ct events in Barcelona brought together 68 participants from 14 countries: Luxemburg, Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Spain, Slovakia, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Austria, Romania, Lithuania, Finland, Estonia and Denmark.

The programme offered activities and examples on the three Special Interest Groups (SIGs) develop by Comp@ct Thematic Network and on the latest ICT tools to be integrated in their daily activities and projects.

To provide a solid background and facilitate future cooperation, a variety of collaboration and education IT tools were presented. There were also theoretical presentations, examples of Comenius projects and examples on the methodology of virtual work, as shown in the programme.

Conference venue in Barcelona (PDF; 172 KB)

Conference and contact seminar reports and
evaluation report
Conference report (PDF; 140 KB)

Comenius Contact seminar report (PDF; 132 KB)

Evaluation report of Comp@ct events in Barcelona May 2004 (PDF; 128 KB)

List of contact seminar partcipants (PDF; 76,5 KB)

List of conference participants (PDF; 117 KB)

Conference presentations
What is COMP@CT? by Pentti Pirhonen, Comp@ct chairman (PDF; 288 KB)

The use of ICT in international project work Workshop Sig 3 Barcelona, Ludo Mateusen University of Leuven (PDF; 364 KB)

Emerging Technologies in Education by Anton Knierzinger/Caroline Weigner (PDF; 821 KB)

Videoconferencing in educational projects by Mart Laanpere Tallinn Pedagogical University Estonia (PDF; 117 KB)

ICT in Education: trying to foresee the future, Ferran Ruiz i Tarragó Generalitatde Catalunya Departament d’Ensenyament (PDF; 764 KB)

Towards an association of schools and school networks by Henk Slighte and Alessandra Talamo, ECOLE /ESP network (PDF; 1,67 MB)

LRC (language Research Centres) project 2001-2003 (Linqua 1)

Learning About Open Learning - An overview to Comenius and Survey of ICT by Vitalj Denisov, Klaipeda University (PDF; 447 KB)

Regional Identity and Active Citizenship - presentation of RIAC network by Reinhard Weiser, Hubert Spöck and Roland Warzilek (PDF; 339 KB)

Results of the Comp@ct questionnaire survey on ICT usage in Comenius projects - 2004 by Vitalj Denisov, Klaipeda University (PDF; 146 KB)

Sustainable Development and Curriculum change: a systems viewpoint by Vitalj Denisov, Klaipeda University (PDF; 314 KB)

Videoconferences, Centre for Education Herning - Denmark by Niels Arne Nielsen (PDF; 140 KB)

Teaching Literature with Wiki by Paavo Viilup Tallinn Pedagogical University, Tallinn English College (PDF; 1,3 MB)

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