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Project funded by Nordic Council of Ministers

Linkki project's first academic year 2001 - 2002 concentrated in creating collaborative networks between Nordic and Baltic educational institutes and schools to enhance the innovative use of web-based tools. Participating countries were Finland, Estonia, Lithuania and Norway.

The aim of the collaboration during the second project academic year 2002 - 2003: To broaden and enhance the activities of the existing network (Finland, Norway, Estonia and Lithuania), which has been created during the first project year of NB. The new member of the network will be Northwest Russia. In addition, three new schools from each existing partner countries will join the network. It will be recommended that the selected schools use the Web Magazine for Nordic language teaching (Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish). During the second project year the aim is also to provide the pilot schools with new web-based tools.

In project the special focus is on promoting the use of web-based tools in social and environmental sciences, Nordic languages and cultural heritage.

This is a mobility grant of Nordic Council of Ministers, so it covers the costs of journeys and accommodation of the academic network. was accepted to European language project of 2001.

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